Reindeer has always been Lapland's most significant animal, which has been used e.g. for chatting, i.e. traveling, delivering mail from one village to another, pulling loads in forest work and also in war as a passing game for patrols. Now you too have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the old days and ride a reindeer for a while in the beautiful nature of Lapland. And visit our reindeer farm.

We do the reindeer rides with experienced and calm reindeer that we have trained and bred ourselves, whose training involves the experience of several generations.

Reindeer is a semi-domesticated animal with its own nature and habits. For this reason, the journey to become a driving reindeer, which you can give even an inexperienced person to use, is long and takes several years. We work with each reindeer from their youth on their terms. During that time, you get to know each reindeer's tricks, personality and many other interesting things.

At our farm, you have the opportunity to get to know Lapland's handsome antlers, trained by professionals or just being trained, together with a reindeer herder.

So come and get to know Repe, Risku, Pitkäsarve and other reindeer!

Coffee, food and other activities can be added to the rides.

In addition, we do various wedding transports and other gigs with reindeer in the Levi area.

The programs can also be implemented as a VIP, i.e. privately, in which case €200 will be added to the price.

All of our reindeer rides are accomplished by our own reindeers, that we've raised and trained on our own with skills that've been used here for several generations.

Come and experience a true Lappish way of life!