In Sammuntuva, the first coffees for skiers were brewed in 1982, when the hosts first pulled the slopes to the hut themselves with a sled. Sammuntupa is one of Levi's oldest street cafés and program service companies. The business has already continued in the second generation.

Today, after more than 40 years, Levin Sammun-Tupa serves not only skiers, but also sledding and car travelers. Pihapiiri is home to the Sammun-Tupa street cafe, dining and party space Eemeli pirtti, museum and dining space Poropirtti and three saunas on the banks of the beautiful Ounasjoki.

Levin's Sammun-Tupa and reindeer farm services also offers various activities such as recreation days and reindeer rides and programs. In addition, our reindeer farm is the perfect place for weddings, birthdays and other fun events for larger groups, families and companies.

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