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Buildings on our courtyard are from 19th and 20th centuries. There are several buildings and grazing lands with barns that creates a traditional and historically precious environment by the river and between the fells.

Eemelin pirtti

Eemelin Pirtti is a log house that was built in 1898 and it was moved to its present place at 1990's.

There is room for up to 50 persons to celebrate and dine. The atmosphere in Eemeli is historical but still cozy. Upstairs consists of 4 cozy rooms that can accommodate up to 16 persons.


Poropirtti is also a log house which was originally used by timber jacks that were harvesting Lappish forests in 1950's. Walls are covered with old tools and other historical things that have been in everyday use during previous centuries.

It presents various items that have been used by reindeer herders, hunters, fishermen and other local residents living by natural resources. It can also be used for dining and meeting purposes. There's also a renovated bridal suite with beautiful scenery towards the river.


In our courtyard we also have two kota. The smaller one is for our visitors generally. The bigger one is for groups, so there can arrange kotadining, lapish ceremonies, joiku presentations, weddings et cetera. For the bigger kota there can fit about 35 person and for the smaller one 10 person.